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This is the first talking bally game, using the as2518 56 sound board and the as2518 57 vocalizer board instead of. Certified course listing our list of certified classes can be attended in one of our scientific games locations in new jersey or nevada. Kit for components commonly damaged by battery corrosion. Bally as251822 pinball solenoid driver board, original p2948297. Ian macdonald, the son of bally engineer doug macdonald who was involved in these conversions, told us his father remembered building 17 units, although he thought it possible that other people there could have built or converted. I designed this circuit years ago as a result of frustration of not being able to fully test on the bench. So i will try the stern solenoid swap and if as i suspect all is well ill proceed with q5, and the big cap c5 too as they suggest is good idea, it looks pretty old and im sure i. In this post we have described the general functionality of the sound module assembly, we have reconstructed the memory map as seen by the 6800 processor, we. Of course bally silkscreen the mpu part number as2518 17 or as2518 35 or as2518 3 right on the mpu board. The first concorde, the 001, flew its maiden flight on march 2, 1969 over france.

Repairing bally electronic pinball games flipperwinkel. I also have schematics and manuals for most arcade and video games. Capacitor set for bally as251822 solenoid driver kit includes all new, matching capacitors. There is some pulse to it when nothing is going on, but it seams random in my silverball mania. Page 4 training courses bally systems our consultants have more than 175 combined years of operational experience.

This subject matter remains the property of bally gaming international. The use of this material was granted through the generosity of mr. I wrote up some theory on the bally mpu board while i was trying to fix one of mine. Repairing the old bally sound card as2518 32 as2518 50 with a scope. Ta100 it is recommended to replace the female housings and crimp. Replaces bally as2518 16 and as2518 22 and all revisions of stern sdu100 high efficiency 5v regulator built around the lm2679t5. Its been a while since i wrote a technical article for the group. Bally touchdown 1960 bingo arcade game pinball machine. Bally squawk and talk sound board explained by clive jones.

Electrolytic capacitor set for bally as2518 22 solenoid driver voltage regulator module kit includes all new, matching capacitors. I have more pinball schematics and manuals than anyone, anywhere. Compatible with stern sdu100 boards, this board has been completely refurbished and works 100%. Schematic for bally electromechanical slot machines many different models to choose from this offer is for one schematic. Solenoid driver early solid state machines by bally used one of the following solenoid driver boards both are equivalent as far as the driver transistors and connections are concerned. Be sure to upgrade your resistors even if the displays appear to be working fine. If the filter capacitors on your bally as2518 22 or as2518 16 regulator board look like this and this, then its probably time for some new ones. Generally the line e stays high and sinks low momentarily when sounds are triggered and then goes back high. R35 is 1 watt, r51 and 56 should be 12 watt and all others are 14 watt. The playfield is identical in design to bally s 1976 star ship. Get the best deals on bally board in collectible pinball replacement parts when you.

This document is a repair guide for bally electronic pinball games made from 1977 to 1985. See eprom programming information on how to use pinball software downloads to burn new roms for your game. Short circuit protection on the low voltage power supplies. Description not original paperwork for the coin operated amusement arcade game. Bally stern ultimate solenoid driver board main features. Check the insert below for the most common models of slot machines that bally manufactured between 1964 and 1980. Bally circus pinball machine schematic printed off my plotter. The pc power supply will provide 12vdc and 5vdc to. See eprom programming information on how to use pinball software downloads to burn new roms for. Replaces bally as251816 and as251822 and all revisions of stern sdu100. This document is a repair guide for bally electronic pinball games made from 1977 to. The new ultsdb replaces old bally as251816, as251822, as251825 and stern. Bally as2518 18 and stern ta100 power supply kit, connectors, pins and plugs. The first commercial passenger flights took place on january 21, 1976 when a british airways flight traveled from heathrow to bahrain at the same time that an air france jet flew from paris to rio.

Modern linear power supplies, high efficiency, less heat, no more big heat sinks. Are solenoid driver board as251816 and as251822 interchangable. Looking at the schematic for this board, tp2 is 11. Replacements parts except asic available for, at least 10, years. For you doityourself types we have the following bally repair kits. We had previously indicated a quantity of 22 electromechanical games were modified as a test of solid state design. Also compatible with kiss, space invaders or future spa replaces part numbers.

The new ultsdb replaces old bally as2518 16, as2518 22, as2518 25 and stern sdu100b432 solenoid driver boards with a new high tech, high power, bulletproof design that is so reliable it comes with a lifetime warranty. Brand new replacement solenoid driver board for bally and stern pinball machines. This is an excellent resource for repairing bally circuit boards. The bally as2518 51 sound module assembly is an extremely interesting piece of kit. Inconsistent troubleshooting results with bally mpu as. But sometimes due to battery corrosion, etc, the part number can not be read. These mappings are universal for all bally as2518 16 and as2518 22 solenoid driver modules and may help you to fix your solenoid problems. Original radial electrolytic 11700uf, 20 volt kit computer grade electrolytic 12000uf, 25 volt c26. Ive got to go back to the drawing board on my lamp board replacements and the as2518 soundcard fpga design. Bally pinball as2518 22 solenoidregulator boardyoure looking at a nice refurbished bally as2518 22 solenoidregulator board.

Includes installation, general game operation, bookkeeping functions, feature operation and scoring, game adjustments, recommended score cards, recommended settings, routine maintenance on location, trouble shooting on location, serviceparts, parts list, schematics. Paper size is 24 inches wide by 60 inches long so it is nice and readable. Hello im new to the board and to restoring slot machines. How to make a testbenchrig for bally35 pinball mpu. Details about 8 bally stern pinball solenoid driver boards pcb as2518 22 as2518 16 sdu100. Hello everyone, im working on a bally rolling stones with a sound issue. Direct replacement for bally as2518 16, as2518 22, as2518 25 and stern sdu100. Alltek manual says if dc is too high then replace q5, i was tired last night and didnt get that far, arghh. The sevendigit display has not been upgraded yet, but theyre there, eight of them brownblackyellow. I have been collecting these for over 30 years from manufactures, distributors, various shows, and operators all over the country. I go over three basic modifications that are recommended to the bally 35 series solenoid driver board that make the game run a little better and more reliable. A speakeasy was one of the many saloons in the united states that illegally served alcoholic beverages during prohibition, which was the period from 1920 to 1933 in which national law prohibited. Rom revisions for select games are maintained online and can be downloaded. Using a standard pc personal computer power supply, you can create a test rig for working on pinball circuit boards.

Brand new bps022 solenoid driver board for ballystern. Stern solenoidvoltage regulator, sdu 100 bally as251822. The leads on the 150uf cap will have to be extended with wires. Bally as 2518 17 cpu mpu pcb board tested in the bench with eight ball rom eproms installed on it. Big daddys bally pinball repair kits big daddy enterprises. Includes all the parts needed less integrated circuits to repair up to 10 solenoid driver circuits on your bally as251822 or as251816 solenoid drivervoltage. Schematics for each game are essential in tracing down connections to lamps, switches, and solenoids. Manual for xenon, by bally pinball division, 90 oleary drive, bensenville, il 60106 usa. As251815 six digit display module big daddy enterprises. Speakeasy was also made as a prototype in a single player machine. This tester provides full functionality testing of the bally 2518 14, 2518 23 and the stern ldb100. This table maps all the bally solenoid driver transistors to their corresponding connector pins, plus shows the corresponding decoder output pin, predriver ic, and predriver pins base, collector.

The 4player version of this game made for export is bally s 1982 speakeasy 4. A portion of the contents of this book was reproduced from six bally series e manuals. No overly complex circuits or custom programmable components. New design with 1a 1kv bridge rectifer for displays and 35 amp 400 v bridge rectifiers with heatsinks. When replacing the 330ohm and 120ohm restistors on the bally as2518 22 driver board, what wattages should be used. Vids guide ballystern driver board repair bulletproofing. Williams system 3 7 driver, d7997 pinball parts and electronics ksarcade. Alltek solenoid driver pinball part as251822 sdu100 bally stern. T were a couple traces that were damaged but they have been repaired. Unlike other bally electronic pinball games, their documentation for this game shows the model number only as 1196, not 1196e. Early solid state machines by bally used one of the following solenoid driver boards both are equivalent as far as the driver transistors and connections are concerned. New rectifier board for bally and stern games as251818. Listed here is an unpopulated two pcb tester for the bally stern lamp driver boards. Repairing the old bally sound card as251832 with a scope.

As251816 as251822 the solenoid driver uses transistors to drive the various solenoid and relay coils on the machine. Bmx, frontier, future spa, gold ball, grand slam, hotdoggin, mystic, nitroground shaker, rolling stones, silverball mania, skateball, space invaders, speakeasy and viking. Bally board in collectible pinball replacement parts for sale ebay. Relevant pinball parts search results for as2518 22 at marco specialties. As2518 58 sevendigit display module on the two sixdigit displays, you can see the upgraded 100k ohm resistors big blue ones. The as2518 50 with sound prom 729 51 one visible difference to the as2518 32 is the second capacitor near to the sustain adjustement potentiometer. It is important to know which board is being worked on, as the game rom. Original hv circuit with over sized wattage rated resistors and to220 packaged transistors. Schematic wiring diagram for em bally slot machines. Bally 251823, 251823 stern ldb100 lamp driver board. Ive had a passion for them for years but only recently found a fixerupper that was affordable and local.

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