Carl ernst islamophobia books

Five essays by six specialists on islam in america provide important insights into islamophobia as a conflict over american identity during a time. Rethinking islam in the contemporary world unc press, 2003, has received several international awards. Islamophobia in america offers new perspectives on prejudice against muslims, which has. Rethinking islam in the contemporary world unc press, 2003 has received several international awards, including the. An introduction to the mystical tradition of islam.

Islamophobia in america offers new perspectives on prejudice against muslims, which has become increasingly. His published research including eight books, 3 edited volumes, and dozens of. They are said to represent the mystical heart of islam, yet the term sufism is notoriously difficult to define, as it means different things to. Ernst devoted his academic life to translating islam, linguistically and culturally, typically within the intellectual context of religious studies. Islamophobia in america the anatomy of intolerance c. His work has focussed on how islamic concepts have travelled across time and space and his influence on islamic studies and religious studies is farreaching. Martin, along with a distinguished group of scholars, map the trajectory of the study of islam and offer innovative approaches to the theoretical and methodological frameworks that have traditionally dominated the field. Ernst the sufis are as diverse as the countries in which theyve flourishedfrom morocco to india to chinaand as varied as their distinctive forms of art, music, poetry, and dance. Religious stereotyping and outgrouping of muslims in the united states. In this mustread deconstruction of the psychosis called islamophobia, editor ernst offers readers a conversation from the diverse voices that discuss islam in the us. This study is an overview of the intersection between orientalism and islamophobia in the administration and maintenance of the galvanization of the american empire.

The anatomy of intolerance is an excellent and timely addition to the growing scholarship on the academic study of islamophobia. Islamophobia in the united states and british india, 16871947. His most recent book, which won the inaugural global humanities. Ernst is a specialist in islamic studies, with a focus on west and south asia.

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