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Pastperfect s barcode printing upgrade takes your museum to the next level of inventory control and tracking. Pastperfect seems to be a popular choice with museums and archives, and presumably the people choosing it know more about their needs than i coordinator of library technology do. It handles accessions, descriptive cataloging, loans, exhibits, capital campaigns, membership development, pledges, dues, donation receipts, research, lexicons, and reports. Used by over 10,000 museums, pastperfect offers affordable, comprehensive, and easytouse software for organizations of all sizes.

Pastperfect web edition pastperfect museum software. Pastperfect museum software is an application for collections archiving. Pastperfect online is supported by pastperfect software, inc. We believe that giving old pieces new life creates a unique opportunity for our customers to be able to make their houses feel more like home. It uses the latest in virtual reality interactive technology to bring the archaeology and history of the two counties alive. Please start there for any problems, rather than contacting systems planning. Good value software for museum collections management. Pastperfect museum software used by over 11,000 museums, pastperfect is affordable, comprehensive, and easy to use. Pastperfect software 300 n pottstown pike ste 200, exton, pennsylvania 19341 rated 4. Fortunately, this software s entire user guide is available to the general public online and a. We are conveniently located, at 6101 geary boulevard and 25th ave in san francisco. We dont have the budget for the very pricey past perfect software. It appears to indicate a roadmap to move to newer platforms. In the last three years we have been adding a tremendous amount of digital media, i.

Go to browse, find the record you want, and right click on it. Our goal is to highlight artifacts and photos found in current pastperfect online collections by posting them to this blog. Arizona historical society sanguinetti house museum yuma. Barcoding is a proven technology that can eliminate keyboard data entry errors and has many applications in the museum setting, from artifact marking and tracking to inventory control. Work from your desk, inside a gallery, at an offsite storage location, or anywhere else that has internet access using your computer or tablet. Pastperfect has become the most widely used museum collection management software, with thousands of organizations using it worldwide.

Please use the links below to access pricing for both our desktop and cloud. Frequently asked questions how do you charge for your work. Past perfect museum software database forum spiceworks. Pastperfect allows for the database storage of artifacts, documents, photographs, and library books. Our evaluation software contains all features and functions of the full software including optional add. Arizona historical society museum at papago park tempe.

Check out our knowledge base article on how to update or give us a call if you have any questions at 18005626080. We are the worlds leader in collection and contact management software. The database allows tracking of people, donors, members. Sharing collections online pastperfect museum software. The database design and code snippets that make this free software application work paperback january 30, 2010 by jim halpin author 4. Pastperfect online enables you to expand your museums audience to web users around the world by building an online collections database. Desktop software for all your museum management needs. It is designed for museums, but may be used by various institutions including libraries, archives, and natural history collections. A member of our staff will be in touch with you within two business days. The pastperfect support staff includes both computer and museum professionals for the most comprehensive and friendly technical support in the industry. A sidebyside comparison of museum collection management.

However, this software is not designed specifically for archival description and does not easily allow hierarchical description. You can use it to manage your museum s cataloging, acquisitions, loans, and many other activities. Expert software support team pastperfect museum software. The database design and code snippets that make this free software application work at. We are getting spoiled with all the fancy gui graphical user interface on the web.

We are a small local historical society that just recently purchased pastperfect software. Arizona historical society pioneer museum, flagstaff flagstaff. Quality collections and contacts management software products. Pastperfect is the number one selling commercial collection management software. Past perfect is a new opportunities fund grantaided project run jointly by durham and northumberland county councils. Help the past perfect project is a fully multimedia website. For example, if you are interested in the history of logging, you might search using some of these words. Resources for small archives historical society of.

See all formats and editions hide other formats and editions. They are not a museum, but they have a historic paperdocument collection. You can search online or search at the museum, but the data at the museum is guaranteed to be more current. Used by over 9500 museums, pastperfect is affordable, comprehensive, and easytouse. The sequence of clicks and commands that led up to the problem. While the system works, if your are a museum required to log all of your exhibitions with the software, it is incredibly timeconsuming to add artists, dates, information on several pages for each item and then to have to independently create an exhibit or event, and then separately log the loan, all before having to go back and add images and make all of these separate sources link. How to use pastperfect granite falls historical museum. Our next version is about a year away and will be built with an sql database. Our support team is happy to assist with installing the update. You can search pastperfect by entering names or keywords. Where can i get a deal on pastperfect museum software. I have more trouble, though, with forgiving all the errors were getting from pastperfect right now.

Pastperfect evaluation download hardware requirements optional addons and services feature list complete price list pastperfect 5. Used by over 1 museums, pastperfect is affordable, comprehensive. The essential information we need to know to solve problems are these three things. You select the pastperfect catalog records, images and data fields you want to publish, and pastperfect online will build a fully searchable, collectionsbased website. Expert software support team knowledge base, video tech tips, software updates weve detected that javascript is disabled in your browser. It is most adequate for our needs, especially since it is free. So well forgive pastperfect its outdatedlooking interface. Weve used pastperfect software for our house museum historic site. Past perfect is an antiques, vintage, midcentury and danish modern collective established in 2002. For a modest annual fee, we provide hosting and product support. Mcleod county historical society uses past perfect museum software on its network computer system, like many small historical museums. I like that past perfect can track all of the things museums need to track via an affordable software.

But now we want to create labels to attach to each object. We are the worlds leader in museum collection and contact management software. Designed for museums, but applicable to various institutions including archives, libraries, and natural history collections, pastperfect is approved by the american association for state and local. I use museum archive for our historical societys museum collection. Our museum has not changed since its conception in 1967. Quick access to museum software experts pastperfect museum. It was evaluated by 12 members of the museum community and reflects their personal opinion.

This program conforms to the latest standards for cataloging archive, library, historic object, art object. At the top of the record window you will see an edit button. Institutional members of the american association for state and local history a a s l h receive a 20% discount on the majority of pastperfect products and services. Visit the benicia historical museum located at 2060 camel rd. Pastperfect is the worlds leader in collection and contact management software. Optimizing pastperfect for museum description author. Pastperfect features fields conforming to international standards and hierarchical.

It provides the ability to manage, store, and share collections. Many small historical organizations use the museum cataloging software pastperfect to describe their object, book, andor archival collections. Our rates are per hour, and well typically provide a flat fee for your project with a defined scope of work. We have packages to meet the needs of museums of all sizes. The collectionspace team and community is made up of museum professionals, software engineers, and interaction designers. Pastperfect software offers userfriendly, affordable products for sharing your collections with new audiences through the web. In this users guide we have attempted to be as comprehensive as possible in presenting the many functions and features of pastperfect museum software. Worked great and had a lot of ways to track things that you didnt realize that you could or track. Pastperfect is the worlds leading software program for collection and contact management. The name of your museum, or the name of the collection of artifacts the object. We aim to find amazing, oneofakind items in these collections and tie the past and present together.

Although the carlibrary archives were created with the greenstone digital library software over a three year period, experiences after attending an international auto museum conference in march 2014 see naam conference and discussions with museum managers resulted in contact with pastperfect software, inc. It is designed for museums, but may be used by various institutions including libraries. Pastperfect online is both a tool to create searchable html web pages and an online hosting service. Pastperfect is a product of pastime software company, inc. Pastperfect allows us to keep record of all the artifacts in our collections as well as have a. While all features of the website can be enjoyed without the need for specific plugins, the experience is. Management software implementation suellyn lathrop western kentucky university, suellyn. Every volunteer and staff member has a few collection items that capture their imagination in a special way.

Our free evaluation has all of the collections and contacts management functions of the full pastperfect 5. The museum archive software project is still going strong about 4500 downloads todate as of 912011. The pastperfect software support staff is ready to help you. The fast, affordable, and secure way to create a fully searchable online catalog of your pastperfect data. There is a new import utility that accepts csv files created by a spreadsheet program.

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