Ora-06401 netcmn invalid driver designator track

Export terminated unsuccessfully yet if i do this command from a different server with the oracle 9i software installed the command works. Hi all, i am trying to connect to an oracle installation that is on a different server than my asp. The oracle instant client is installed and i tried both 32 and 64 bits versions. Oracle database 12cr1 error code ora06401 description netcmn. Connecting using jdbc oci driver fails with ora06401 doc id 164541. The oracle db is running on red hat and is on our network. Password creation in oracle developer 6i searchoracle techtarget. Connecting using jdbc oci driver fails with ora06401. While fetching data using dblink, i am getting the error, ora06401. I dont get the error when i change the driver to thin. Hi, im trying to connect to our new 9i database, i have the correct entry in tnsnames. Java function activity getting deferred hi i have created a simple java class file which set values to the item type attributes and return.

Either shared sequence number os component was not installed properly. However, each time i attempt to use the oracle oci8 driver i get the following error. There was no default host string specified in the configuration and the user did not specify any explicit connect string. Do you know what could be a reason of such behaviour. Discussion forums for open issues and questions concerning database tools, data access components and developer tools from devart. Apparently oracle 8 does not recognize this connect string.

Please try this patch against trunk and let me know if it works for you. While fetching data using dblink, i am getting the error, ora 06401. Then i associated the class name to a function activity as external java type. Ora 06401 invalid driver designator stack overflow. So, look carefully at your connect string, and figure out where you went wrong. Either reconfigure the system specifying a default connect string or use an explicit connect string. I am trying to deploy a ejb cmp and i am getting the following error when i use oci8 drivers. Im trying to get an oracle db with excel power query and im getting this error. I need to create a connection pool using the oracle oci driver for my jms pool in order to persist a blob. This usually means that the command syntax is incorrect. Windows interface for oracle was not installed on client machine. In the administration console, go to the connections tab edit the connection and update the data access properties section connection string with a valid entry from the tnsnames. Detailed error ora06401 cause information and suggestions.

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